Around The World in 7 Days

As a frequent traveler, an aviation buff, and just someone who likes to fly a lot. I was really excited recently when I had the opportunity to check off several items from my “wish list” all on one trip:

While I was in San Maarten I didn’t have enough time there to actually “ride the fence“, but I did get to fly out of there on a 747-400 and watch all the people charging towards the fence as we turned onto the runway. Hopefully next time I’ll get to stay longer.

My schedule allowed me to extend my stay in Osaka for a few days and it was exceptional! I wandered around town a bit and tried in vain to get to Kyoto. I ate some phenomenal Sushi (see pics) and saw the Osaka Castle. My only regret was not staying longer; I can not wait to get back to Japan!

As an added bonus, while rescheduling my return trip, the available routing changed which put me through Honolulu airport (HNL). While HNL isn’t anything spectacular in itself (it is neat in the fact that it is an open-air airport), it was a great stop-over point because one of my oldest friends had recently moved to the island for a new job. I took the opportunity to catch up with him over a drink and some Poke Salad at La Marina Sailing Club (wiki).

If you ever have a long layover in HNL I strongly recommend heading out to La Marina. Have their Mai Thai, you will not regret it!

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Trip Photos: Dublin

Recently, I had the opportunity to fly to Dublin, Ireland for work. Once I took care of my responsibilities, I had the majority of the afternoon to head out and do some sightseeing. I went to check out the Jameson Distillery and walked around town some. As is typical for Ireland, it was raining off and on. Fortunately, it’s the kind of rain that is just enough to be annoying, not the monsoon-like deluge of afternoon showers that we get in Florida.

Besides the distillery tour, I got to experience Aer Lingus’ Business Class product. It was nothing truly spectacular, but it was nice to experience something different from the major carriers on which I typically fly. And, fwiw this was the first trip where I used my Olloclip for most of the photos (all photos shot on my iPhone).


Trip Photos: Tel Aviv

I’m going to start posting an ongoing series of my travel photos here. Because of the nature of my work (Flight Paramedic), I will not be talking a whole lot about the details but you’ll get a lot of photos of the sights that I go see. They’re mostly from my iPhone and recently my iPhone with Olloclip (seriously, that thing is awesome! review to come).

I’d love any feedback on this stuff, follow me on twitter and hit me up. Now, on with the show…

Back in February I went to Tel Aviv and took the afternoon to go to Jerusalem  I saw some of the oldest structures that I’ve ever seen, tried to understand religious practices that I’ve not had experience with before, and was thoroughly impressed and awed. Oh, by the way, Hebrew is a tough language.

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