Rates & Prices : 2023

For clarity and consistency, here is my updated base 2023 pricing:

Photography Rates:

Portraiture: $300/hr, 1 hour minimum

  • Includes 5 edited images, and 1 editing revision.
  • Retouching is available: $35 per image.
  • Additional images: ala carté: $25 per image.

Portraiture (acrobatic): $400/hr, 1 hour minimum

  • This does not include specialty shoots (ie: smoke & lights)
  • Includes 5 retouched images
  • Additional images: ala carté: $40 per image

Portraiture (specialty): varies

  • Because of the specific nature of these shoots they’re priced based on the scope of the shoot.

Headshots: $350/hr, 1hr minimum

  • Includes 3 retouched images.
  • Additional images ala carté at $100 per image; includes retouching.
  • Studio fees vary depending on available locations. Usually $50/hr with a 2 hour minimum
  • These images are licensed for unlimited personal and limited self-promotional use. Please inquire about additional licensing for any commercial or advertising use.

Events (standard): $225/hr, 2 hour minimum

  • The number of deliverable images varies. Usually ~75-100/hour
  • images are for personal / company in-house use only unless licensed otherwise

Events (specialty): $250/hr, 2 hour minimum

  • ”specialty events” are events that require specific skill sets to properly document (eg: aerial acrobatics, other circus arts, dance, etc). This is in part due to the significant number of images taken during these events, and the highly specific nature of the culling process (ie: ensuring the image isn’t of a transitional movement when a fully extended pose, or peak of the movement is available)
  • The number of deliverable images varies. Usually ~100/hour

Weddings: Rate varies based on the size of the wedding. Base: $400/hr, 8 hour minimum

  • Includes Photographer & Assistant
  • 2nd Photographer is additional at $100/hr. Required for weddings with > 80 people attending.
  • The number of deliverable images varies. Usually ~75-100/hour

Commercial photography: $300/hr, 2 hour minimum

  • This does not include licensing of images, any specialty equipment, or equipment rental that may be required.

Video Rates:

Video – Single Handheld: $350/hr, 2 hour minimum

  • Single handheld or gimbal shoot
  • Editing is billed separately: $100/hr

Video – Two Camera Interview: $450/hr, 2 hour minimum

  • Two camera standard interview setup, with two microphone recording, and appropriate lighting
  • Includes Producer / Director of Photographer & Key Grip
  • Editing is billed separately: $100/hr

Video – Multi-camera: varies, 2 hour minimum

  • Please inquire with your specific project needs so that we can provide you a quote.

Streaming: varies, 2 hour minimum

  • Please inquire with your specific project needs so that we can provide you a quote.


Unedited images: Are only available for select commercial projects. For these projects, the collateral will be delivered to the client’s art department for editing that complies with their brand standards. Typically a full Commercial Rights Release must be purchased for this.

Billing time: All quotes are estimated in 30 minute increments. Actual billing is rounded to the nearest 15 minute increment.

Location expenses: Any location or studio rental fees are not included in the prices listed above. Special rates are pre-negotiated with some venues in the St Pete / Tampa area depending on availability. No markup or fees are added to location expenses.


Read some short descriptions on the types of licensing available.

All images are licensed for personal use only unless specified otherwise prior to the shoot. This means that you cannot use the images from your session to market, sell, or endorse a product, event, service, or concept, or other unless specifically licensed for that use case.

Media licensing cost is handled on a case by case basis. (ie: website usage is less expensive than a national magazine print advertisement).

James Zambon retains full copyrights on all images unless a full Copyright Release is purchased.

No images are licensed for resale unless you purchase the full Copyright Release to the image.

Model Releases are required for all photo sessions.


I can totally work within reasonable budgets. Just let me know what your looking to spend and I’ll see what I can do to make it happen.

I do offer some non-stacking discounts. These are only applicable on individual sessions, and events (ie: not if you have a time-slot for a part of an open-call photoshoot)

  • Long term client: -10%
  • Recurring Engagements: varies based on the project scope
  • Military / Police / Fire / EMS (includes retirees): -10%
  • Not-for-profit agencies: case-by-case, please inquire with your project details