Smoke & Lights II – Photoshoot 2022

Smoke & Lights Returns!

Photoshoot: December 18 2022

The October shoot sold out and a bunch of people asked if I could do another one. Here it is! (and it’ll be cooler in the gym!)

This is going to be a themed shoot using colored lighting and smoke machines. 

Sessions will be 25 minutes each and cost $200 + $20 gym/studio fee.
This is bookable via Aerial Dragons on Pike13. If you don’t have an account there message me on Insta and I’ll get you set up @_theJames

If you haven’t seen my aerial photography portrait work before, check out a few of my favorite photos on my portfolio page, and the photos on this page are from previous sessions.


It’s going to be held Saturday December 18th 2022 at Aerial Dragons Studios in Tampa. Individual sessions are available starting at 10:00am (more sessions will be added based on interest).

Aerial Dragons students: sign up in Pike13. If you’re not a student at Aerial Dragons contact me for the available times.


What do I get?

  • Private 25 minute photo session on your chosen apparatus (silks, Lyra, straps, trapeze, chains, acro, theatrical posing, something else?) 
  • Colored lighting of your choice (I’ve got dozens of colors to choose from) 
  • 4 retouched high resolution photos (Info on editing vs retouching)
  • Additional photos are $30 each 
  • Unedited photos are not available for sale

On the day of the shoot:

  • Give yourself time to warm up before your session
  • 25 minutes might sound short but posing in the apparatus is totally different than just doing a trick, so be sure to practice your poses in advance!
  • This is open to all skill levels, but this is not a “teaching / learning environment”
  • There will be an aerial coach there to help guide your posing and lines, but you need to have your poses planed and practiced beforehand
  • Show up “stage ready” with your makeup, hair, and costume/outfit ready to go
  • I will be shooting “tethered” to my computer so that we can review the images in real time… and give you a small break from posing
    • My typically workflow is: we’ll shoot a pose, review the images, make notes on how to improve the shot, shoot it again then move on to the next pose

How to prepare:

  • Have a plan! Come in with 3 or 4 poses that you know well and have practiced
    • More isn’t better. You’ll be in & out of these poses a couple of times as we shoot & review the images
  • Practice your poses! I suggest that you take video of yourself in the poses that you have in mind for your session, and have a vision of what looks best to you. And if you can show me a screen grab when you show up for your session I can shoot with that in mind!
  • If you want to do an outfit change or apparatus change thats fine, we just need to plan that into your time