FAQs for Portraits

How far in advance do I need to plan for my session?

More planning is always better. Ideally 4-6 weeks because if you’re getting your hair done, or need to coordinate schedules, these things take time. However, if you’re on board and I have availability I can sometimes even manage a same-day booking.

I’m not photogenic

IMO: theres no such thing. Theres unflattering angles, and unfavorable lighting. But everyone can be made to look great in photos! Now, if you’re self conscious about something, just tell me about it and we’ll work around it.
And spoiler alert: in person many, if not most models look weird. It’s their super harsh angles and such that makes them look interesting in photos. Similar to the way that many movie stars have huge heads (literally).

What should I wear?

Wear something that you identify with! But, most importantly, be comfortable!
My #1 advice is comfort over everything else. If you feel like a million bucks, it’ll show in the photos. My one big guideline is to try and avoid small patterns like houndstooth, or similar as they crate a moire pattern.

How much editing do you do?

All portrait session images are what I call “Retouched“. Read more about it here. Additionally you can choose to have each image edited to my “Portfolio” quality.

How many photos will I get to choose from?

From a typical 1 hour session I’ll preview 50-100 images (that are “Lightly Edited“) for you to choose from. Once you’ve made your selections then I get to the final editing, which you can have input in.

Day of the shoot

How many outfits should I plan on?

Generally 1 outfit for every 30-40 minutes of shooting is a safe bet. Just remember that we need to budget in the time to change outfits.

After the Shoot

How will I get to see my images?

You’ll receive an email with a link to a password protected gallery. You can invited people to share this gallery, you can favorite images and you can hide images from view. You can see what your partner, friends, or family have favorited and help narrow down which photos you want to keep.

How will you deliver my images?

They’ll be set to downloadable in a gallery like you previewed them in. This is great because only the people you specifically want to invite will be able to see your images

When will I get to see my images?

Usually within 3-5 days unless we’ve agreed on a different timeline. Because these are essentially “proofs” and not ready for you to take home I can get them displayed faster than that usually but I don’t want to over-promise.

When will I get my final edited images?

I will deliver “Fully Edited” images within 14 days of your selection submission. Usually faster than that, but again, I don’t over promise. If you’ve opted for a “Portfolio Edit” then that takes additional time.

What kind of specials do you run?

I’m not a “sales person” kind-of guy. I don’t like the “buy this now for X% off” schemes that many photographers seem to gravitate towards. My per-extra-image rates are pretty affordable, and my print rates are probably some of the lowest that you’ll find.
The discounts that I do offer are:

  • Returning client session discounts
  • EMS / Police / Fire / Military session discounts
  • And occasionally I put together a multi-session day at a discount