FAQs for Aerial Photoshoots

Preparing for an Aerial Shoot

  • Have a plan! Come in with 3 or 4 poses that you know well and have practiced
    • More isn’t better. You’ll be in & out of these poses a couple of times as we shoot & review the images
  • Practice your poses! I suggest that you take video of yourself in the poses that you have in mind for your session, and have a vision of what looks best to you. And if you can show me a screen grab when you show up for your session I can shoot with that in mind!
  • If you want to do an outfit change or apparatus change thats fine, we just need to plan that into your session’s timeline
  • Portrait sessions are open to all skill levels, but this is not a “teaching / learning environment”
silks during a “smoke & lights” session

On the day of the shoot:

  • Give yourself time to warm up before your session
  • Show up “stage ready” with your makeup, hair, and costume/outfit ready to go
  • Posing in the apparatus is totally different than just doing a trick, don’t burn yourself out in the beginning of the session. And be sure to practice your poses in advance!
  • There will be an aerial coach there to help guide your posing and lines, but you need to have your poses planed and practiced beforehand (sensing a theme?)
  • I will be shooting “tethered” to my computer so that we can review the images in real time… and give you a small break from posing
    • My workflow is: we’ll shoot a pose, review the images, make notes on how to improve the shot, shoot it again then move on to the next pose when you’re ready
  • Communication is key! Please let me know if your pose will be vertical or horizontal so that I can frame it best. And please, don’t start your pose until I’ve signaled that I’m ready to start shooting
Straps during a portrait session

After the Shoot

How will I get to see my images?

You’ll receive an email with a link to a secure, private gallery. You can invited people to share this gallery with, you can favorite images and you can hide images from view. And, you can see what your partner, friends, or family have favorited and help narrow down which photos you want to keep. 

How will you deliver my images?

They’ll be set to downloadable in the gallery that you previewed them in. This is great because only the people you specifically want to invite will be able to see your images.

When will I get to see my images?

Usually within 3-5 days unless we’ve agreed on a different timeline. Because these are essentially “proofs” and not ready for you to take home I can get them displayed faster than that usually but I don’t want to over-promise.

When will I get my final edited images?

I will deliver “Fully Edited” images within 14 days of your selection submission. Usually faster than that, but again, I don’t over promise.