Its Smoke & Lights! (Photoshoot: Oct, 2021)

I’m really excited to announce a photoshoot! This is going to be a themed shoot using colored lighting and smoke machines.  If you haven’t seen my aerial photography portrait work before, check out a few of my favorite photos that I’ve made on my portfolio page. Its going to be held Sunday Oct 10th at AerialContinue reading “Its Smoke & Lights! (Photoshoot: Oct, 2021)”

Shockheaded Peter – Character Portraits

I was really excited to photograph the promo headshots for Jobsite Theater’s production of Shockheaded Peter. Shockheaded Peter is based on Heinrich Hoffman’s 1845 children’s book, Der Struwwelpeter. Think of it as a macabre version of Grimm’s Fairy Tales. A bizarre series of short “cautionary” … umm children’s(?) stories. This was an opportunity to not onlyContinue reading “Shockheaded Peter – Character Portraits”