DTSP St Patrick’s Day Block Party

I was contracted by Evolve & Co (advertising & marketing company) to photograph the Downtown St Petersburg St Patrick’s Day block party. As is the case on St Pat’s day, shenanigans were had, people had fun listening to music and enjoying the fantastic weather! This is a sample of the photos that I delivered fromContinue reading “DTSP St Patrick’s Day Block Party”

Florida Bjorkesta : Life On Venus

I was lucky enough to have some good friends involved in a phenomenal  production at The Palladium in St Pete, FL, Florida Björkestra : Life On Venus. I caught some awesome photos of the show that I wanted to share. For more from the show, go to their Facebook page, or their website

Natalie’s Baby Shower Photos

While it’s not something that I frequently photograph, I have photographed several baby showers. They’re always really interesting events to witness, especially from a guy’s perspective. All of the Mom-to-be’s friends there to support her and give her things to help her on what’s sure to be an amazing and seemingly never-ending journey. Congratulations NatalieContinue reading “Natalie’s Baby Shower Photos”

Photos of Fifth On the Floor @ Crum’s Bar

Last night I went out to hang to Crum’s Bar to hang out with AutopsyIV of NineBullets.net fame and see Fifth on the Floor play. Some great sounds from the band and Matty Rodgers (guitars, mandolin, harmonica, vocals) was killing it with some really unexpected chops on the guitar. They’re playing again tonight. If you’veContinue reading “Photos of Fifth On the Floor @ Crum’s Bar”

A Couple More Concerts

I happened to be in St Petersburg for a couple of concerts that I wanted to see, Have Gun Will Travel and also Vascular Symphony. They were completely different shows at completely different venues. Have Gun was playing at The Local 662, a venue specifically set up for small to medium-sized concerts; where as, the Emerald,Continue reading “A Couple More Concerts”