Photos of Fifth On the Floor @ Crum’s Bar

Last night I went out to hang to Crum’s Bar to hang out with AutopsyIV of fame and see Fifth on the Floor play. Some great sounds from the band and Matty Rodgers (guitars, mandolin, harmonica, vocals) was killing it with some really unexpected chops on the guitar. They’re playing again tonight. If you’veContinue reading “Photos of Fifth On the Floor @ Crum’s Bar”

A Couple More Concerts

I happened to be in St Petersburg for a couple of concerts that I wanted to see, Have Gun Will Travel and also Vascular Symphony. They were completely different shows at completely different venues. Have Gun was playing at The Local 662, a venue specifically set up for small to medium-sized concerts; where as, the Emerald,Continue reading “A Couple More Concerts”

It’s been a damn long time

I don’t know why, but I haven’t been finding the time amidst my traveling and photography-ing to actually make a post of any sort here. That being said, I’m going to put some effort back into this site so… here are a few shots from the NineBullets concert back in May for AutopsyIV’s birthday party/concert.Continue reading “It’s been a damn long time”

Angels and Airwaves @ The Ritz

Band: Angels and Airwaves Venue: The Ritz, Tampa Date: Thursday, May 13, 2010 Photos from the Angels & Airwaves concert at The Ritz Theater in Tampa, FL. It was an entertaining show from what I saw of it? Not really my kind of music but still entertaining. Setlist Et Ducit Mundum Per LuceIt HurtsYoung LondonHallucinationsEverything’sContinue reading “Angels and Airwaves @ The Ritz”

The 600 Block Party

When I first got to the 600 Block Party around 6:30’ish there was a good amount of people mulling around, the police had the block shut down and still I was hesitant to walk in the middle of the street out of habit. Wandering around a bit as the sun went down and DJ MegaContinue reading “The 600 Block Party”

Jimmy Buffett @ The Ford Amphitheater

Bands: Jimmy Buffet Venue: The Ford Amphitheater Date: Sunday, April 4, 2010 20,000’ish Parrot Heads, 12 minutes, 3 songs… When I showed up at the Amphitheater all I kept thinking was, “damn, that’s a lot of people”. When I walked into the venue to photo the allotted 3 songs, all I kept thinking was, “Wow..Continue reading “Jimmy Buffett @ The Ford Amphitheater”