Apple's Spell Check

I cannot spell, it’s no secret. So because of that I rely heavily on the built-in spell checking on Apple’s OS-X. I have recently found that some more obscure words like ceviche, also an excellent local restaurant here in the Tampa Bay area, is not in the spell checker but it is in the Dictionary application.

I Got It!

Today I recieved my new Powerbook 15″ G4, see the extended entry for the specs. I have taken some pictures of the packaging and what-not and will be writing a little about my experiences with the “Powerbook Trade-in Program”. But for now I have a lot of work to re-install everything and get it all configured, even though I have the hard drive from my old machine with all the data still on it (i sent it back with a spare in it).

Local: PowerBookG4_15inch.pdf
On Apple’s site: PowerBookG4_15inch.pdf

More to come soon.