Stranger Sings – for The Straz Center

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“Stranger Sings,” a parody musical based on the hit series “Stranger Things,” delivered an engaging and hilarious preview performance at the Jaeb Theater in Tampa’s Straz Center for the Performing Arts. Uniquely performed “in the round”, combined with show’s blend of nostalgic 80s references, witty lyrics, and energetic choreography is captivating from start to finish.

The cast’s dynamic performances brought the beloved characters to life with a comedic twist, adding layers of humor while staying true to the essence of the original series. Standout performances included the actors portraying Eleven and Dustin, whose impeccable timing and charismatic presence drew the most laughs.

The production’s creative set design and vibrant costumes perfectly captured the retro aesthetic, immersing the audience in the quirky world of Hawkins, Indiana. The musical numbers were catchy and well-executed, with highlights including a humorous duet between Joyce and Hopper and a lively ensemble piece featuring the entire cast.

While the show maintained a light-hearted tone, it didn’t shy away from clever satire, offering a fresh and entertaining take on familiar storylines. “Stranger Sings” is a must-see for fans of “Stranger Things” and musical theater alike, promising a night of laughter and nostalgia.

Overall, the preview performance of “Stranger Sings” at the Jaeb Theater was a resounding success, setting high expectations for the show’s run. Its clever humor, talented cast, and nostalgic charm make it a delightful addition to Tampa’s theater scene.


  • Hopper – Nickolaus Colon
  • Dustin – Jay Garcia
  • Barb Holland – Megan Griggs
  • Joyce and Will – Caroline Huerta
  • Steve and Jonathan – Kyle Mangold
  • Lucas – Patrick Saint Age
  • Mike – Nic Scott
  • Nancy and Eleven – Catie-Charlotte Warren