Ministry @ Jannus Live 2024

I’ve been a fan of Ministry since I was a teenager. On one hand, that feels like it was pretty recent. But on the other, looking back at their discography, it’s 12 albums. I think the first time I saw them play was in ’92 @ the University of New Orleans Lakefront. Fast forward to present day when I saw that they were touring again after what seems like at least 10 years I had to see them again. And they brought every bit of energy that I remember!

I got to Jannus Live about 20 minutes before Front Line Assembly started out the evening building up into a ton of energy with I.E.D. The crowd was already shoulder to shoulder and super pumped to get the energy going. Frontman Bill Leeb’s commanding presence and impassioned vocals held the audience captive, while the rest of the band delivered flawlessly executed performances that left no doubt as to why they are considered pioneers of the electro-industrial genre.

It was probably 2004 when I first heard of Gary Numan, strangely enough via a Basement Jaxx track. This was my first opportunity to see him live, and DAMN! That guy has got some stamina! Over 19 Albums and I-have-no-idea how many tours and shows, Gary Numan has an arsenal of compelling tracks to pick from and their set list hit a lot of my favorites including A Prayer for the Unborn. As much fun as I was having shooting the first 3 songs from the photo pit, I couldn’t wait to get out into the crowd and enjoy watching the show. 

Ministry… The setlist was a masterful blend of old and new, catering to die-hard fans and newcomers alike. They started off with one of my favorites from their new album: B.D.E., HOPIUMFORTHEMASSES. If you haven’t read the lyrics, give them a read.

Despite it being a Sunday night, the crowd showed no signs of slowing down. At some point my friend ran off for a second saying “I want to grab a drink before they play Jesus Built My Hotrod” and damn if they didn’t fire it up as soon as he was back! 

As the night drew to a close, Ministry returned for an encore that left jaws on the floor. The incredible energy of “So What” filled the air and people were screaming along – a fitting anthemic conclusion to a night of pure sonic mayhem.

In the end, Ministry at Jannus Live was more than just a concert—it was an experience: a journey into the heart of industrial metal, a sonic assault on the senses, and a testament to the enduring power of one of the genre’s most influential bands.

This show was shot on assignment for 100% Rock Magazine

Ministry Photos

Gary Neuman Photos

Front Line Assembly Photo

Set Times

  • 6:00 PM Doors
  • 7:00 PM Front Line Assembly
  • 8:00 PM Gary Numan
  • 9:30 PM Ministry

Ministry – Set List

  • B.D.E.
  • Just Stop Oil
  • Goddamn White Trash
  • New Religion
  • Alert Level
  • Broken System
  • N.W.O.
  • Just One Fix
  • The Missing
  • Deity
  • Stigmata
  • Thieves
  • Jesus Built My Hotrod
  • — Encore —
  • Burning Inside
  • So What

Gary Numan – Set List

  • Everything Comes Down to This
  • Halo
  • The Chosen
  • Metal
  • Pure
  • Love Hurt Bleed
  • Is This World Not Enough
  • Cars
  • Haunted
  • Pray for the Pain You Serve
  • My Name Is Ruin
  • A Prayer for the Unborn

Front Line Assembly – Set List

  • I.E.D.
  • Vigilante
  • Neologic Spasm
  • Plasticity
  • Deadened
  • Killing Grounds
  • Mindphaser
  • Millennium