FeedMap and My Conclusions

After finding out about FeedMap from Scoble I entered my data and found this map of the local bloggers. At first I was a little dismayed, but I soon realized a couple of things:

This site only seems to map (by default anyway) MSN spaces blogs. It seems that anyone else must manually enter their data.

And that the bloggers in the Tampa Bay area just aren’t that active.

Regardless, go check out the NeighBlogMap of your area, you may be surprised.

One thought on “FeedMap and My Conclusions

  1. […] This morning Rachel made mention about how cool it is to see bloggers in real life. The other night J & I went out to eat and ran into her and Mark @ BellaBrava. It really is neat to put faces to names, especially after my comment several months ago about how the Tampa Bay area blog scene seemed dead. While it’s not quite Los Angeles, New York City or Seattle, it is better than I thought. Look for my blogroll to show up shortly! […]

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