Trip Photos: Dublin

Recently, I had the opportunity to fly to Dublin, Ireland for work. Once I took care of my responsibilities, I had the majority of the afternoon to head out and do some sightseeing. I went to check out the Jameson Distillery and walked around town some. As is typical for Ireland, it was raining off and on. Fortunately, it’s the kind of rain that is just enough to be annoying, not the monsoon-like deluge of afternoon showers that we get in Florida.

Besides the distillery tour, I got to experience Aer Lingus’ Business Class product. It was nothing truly spectacular, but it was nice to experience something different from the major carriers on which I typically fly. And, fwiw this was the first trip where I used my Olloclip for most of the photos (all photos shot on my iPhone).

Portraits of Kasondra Rose

Local St Petersburg singer and a group fitness instructor, Kasondra Rose and I had been discussing doing some portraits for her marketing material. So we seized the moment while I was in town recently, and the evening sun was good, to run out and catch some beautiful portraits of her. Our shooting time was a little limited by Florida’s indigenous mosquito population but we still managed to get some great shots. Here are a few of my favorites from the shoot.

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Photos of Fifth On the Floor @ Crum’s Bar

Last night I went out to hang to Crum’s Bar to hang out with AutopsyIV of fame and see Fifth on the Floor play. Some great sounds from the band and Matty Rodgers (guitars, mandolin, harmonica, vocals) was killing it with some really unexpected chops on the guitar. They’re playing again tonight. If you’ve not been to Crum’s Bar (65 craft beers on tap) and are looking for something to do, go check it out. In the meantime, check out some photos…

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Trip Photos: Tel Aviv

I’m going to start posting an ongoing series of my travel photos here. Because of the nature of my work (Flight Paramedic), I will not be talking a whole lot about the details but you’ll get a lot of photos of the sights that I go see. They’re mostly from my iPhone and recently my iPhone with Olloclip (seriously, that thing is awesome! review to come).

I’d love any feedback on this stuff, follow me on twitter and hit me up. Now, on with the show…

Back in February I went to Tel Aviv and took the afternoon to go to Jerusalem  I saw some of the oldest structures that I’ve ever seen, tried to understand religious practices that I’ve not had experience with before, and was thoroughly impressed and awed. Oh, by the way, Hebrew is a tough language.

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grep -a james-stuff /www

Well, not “just like that”. It’s been a whole lot of work, much more than I initially expected, but I’ve managed to consolidate my photography website (AfterTheHOURS) and my personal website to this domain. It’s been a lot of sorting categories and editing posts, mostly fixing the links to images. There are some broken things and some missing images, oh well (also, I’ve deleted my Flickr account so that explains some broken images).

I wish that I could say that I wrote some fancy script that fixed everything but in the end, because of how WP holds the content in its database, it required editing a whole lot of posts .

My thoughts behind this move concentrate primarily around making it a lot more simple to describe to people what it is that I do, and secondly, make it more simple for me to manage content, e.g.: actually post something to the web.

A Time for Change

Over the next few weeks I’ll be consolidating all of my business websites into one site. will be this new home. My goal is to make it easier to point people to one place and to explain all the things that I’m involved in. I’m not sure exactly how I’ll fully execute this but its gotta be easier and more productive than stressing about which website needs updating and then not updating it followed several weeks later by the internal frustration that I’ve not updated any of my online presence for weeks (read: months).

Ok, enough of that… Along with all this re-branding comes, of course, new logos and new marketing stuffs. Here is one of the new business cards that I recent received for the Flight Paramedic work that I do.

Shot on an iPhone and processed using Snapseed