About James

James Zambon is an international photographer, and videographer from New Orleans, LA, and currently based in Saint Petersburg, FL. He travels extensively. Having been to over 95 countries, you’re probably more likely to spot him in an airport, or photographing some obscure part of the world than anywhere else.
James travels light, often bringing just one of his Sony cameras and one or two lenses with him on his travels.

James finds beauty in the unique and different. By channeling the global influences that he is constantly exposed to he strives to encorporate a unique perspective into his photography.

When he is at his home base he spends his time photographing weddings, events, as well as making portraits of local musicians, families, and athletes.
Occasioally he can be found leading a photo-walk, teaching sessions on photographic and video lighting, or working with local Meetup groups helping others hone their undersanding of photography and video.

James is an avid cyclist, skateboarder, and aspires to return to triathlon.

James has been know to drink scotch, take photos, and travel. Often simultaneously.

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James has been a member of the Professional Photographers of America since 2013.

James is a Sony Imaging Pro, and a member of Sony’s Professional Services.

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