The Ultimate Autocross Vehicle

The Lotus Elise

It would seem that I have to save my pennies for another toy. This guy said that it doesn’t make a bad daily driver. He even took it to Miami, Florida (~300 miles from here) the other day.

For those of you that may be a little lost, this is the Lotus Elise.

A Quote

Girl; “Hey, you’re drinking (liquor)! Thats not on Atkins!”

Me; “Not technically, but martinis have no carbs. I can also have Guinness, its lower carb and low calorie, comparatively.”

Girl; “I don’t like Guinness. (pause) I prefer Abita beers.”

And to top it off, she even told me where to get Abita (TurboDog, Amber, and Purple Haze) right here in St Pete! (Shep’s Food Mart) Molto impressionante!



I would like to forgo some of the questions that I am going to get about this photo.

  • no there was no post-editing done to this photo
  • no there was not fancy filter used
  • Yes there was a very long exposure time and some useful tricks to get this image to come out.

Today's Sunset


Today while leaving work I noticed this georgious sunset. I headed out to the beach as quick as I could, but missed the best part of it. Here is one of the better shots that I got.

The Worst Website Coding

Worst website coding

And this, this is what is so horribly wrong with some web developers! Not only semantically incorrect, but this page will only display in IE on WinBlows! Completely ridiculous!

Floating Layouts in the Ether

A recent article over at SitePoint about clearing floats (when used in page layout) has drawn some attention in the design community.

I would like to point out as Eric did several months ago that floats were not intended for layout purposes. But they do function within reason. Also that there are some major problems with the vast majority of how browsers display floats. And there are some big limitations in what floats are capable of doing with layout as I have discussed some time ago.

All of that being said, floats have their place in design and they are very handy for layout purposes. But there are problems with using them, and there are problems with using positioning for layout also. There is no easy solution, but there are options. Remember, use the right tool for the right job. There is no wrong way to design.