Blogging News Throughout the Web

While browsing the web on my first actual day off in quite some time I can across several interesting articles and links that merit a little more than the usual link in the sidebar.

First of all Jason Kottke points out some of the richest bloggers. Here is a link to the RSS feed for Pierre Omidyar. He is worth 10.4 billion!

And Anil Dash points out an interesting article about why businesses should blog.

Update: the Sixapart Professional Network points to a very good article about blogging for business. Read on…

What is Kludge?

After a converstaion with a friend at work I realized that I (am quite geeky and) use some language that others may not be familiar with. So, with that conversation in mind, here is the internet definition of Kludge taken from The Webopedia.


Pronounced klooj. A derogatory term that refers to a poor design. Like hacks, kludges use nonstandard techniques. But, whereas a hack can connote a clever solution to a problem, a kludge always implies that the solution is inelegant.